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Taking Our Receivables Helped Us

When I started my trucking company, I had just two trucks. I drove one, and my brother drove the other. As we started making more money, we were able to add on more trucks. Life was going good until a lot of our clients started slowing down as far as paying their bills to us was concerned. I had obligations such as payroll and deliveries to meet, which is why I looked into freight factoring. I had heard of this before, but I wasn’t too sure what all it entailed.

What I did know was that I needed money, and this seemed like a good way to get it quickly. (more…)

When Do You Have Enough Money

Robert KiyosakiI was talking to this guy at church and he was talking about how he needed to start thinking more about the preservation of wealth, since he was getting to the age where he was going to start needing to use the money he was saving for retirement. Of course he was a 57 year old insurance agent and he had made a lot of money. If I was in his position I would be taking the same position, but instead I am a 45 year old plumber and I make most of my money myself. I have all of my investments in my self and my own company. It is not as though I can really think of things the same way as another guy might. (more…)

A Fishing Expedition to Make Money

Sunshine Coast, Queensland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaI knew that when my brother became an investment banker that he had to pass a lot of tests in order to get his series seven license. I was really proud of him because he was going to go and work with my dad and eventually take over my dad’s investment firm. There are a lot of people that think that they can go and make a lot of money on the stock market when they do not have any training and it is like a condon treasure to find a stock that you can buy for pennies that will sell for hundreds of dollars. My dad started off trading junk bonds which meant that they were not worth anything but in due time they would mature and he would be able to collect a lot of money on them. (more…)

Started Looking for a Bridge to Medicare

It is not as though I am at all sure what I can do to change any of it, but I am going to think about whether or not I am going to be able to retire early. The big question is how I would be able to bridge the gap between the time when I would lose my company provided health insurance plan and when I would be eligible for medicare. I have been looking at 2014 medicare advantage plans today, but I think that is not what I need to be thinking about. The health insurance is the big issue though. All of the other stuff seems not to be that huge of an issue, if you assume that I am going to be able to budget my money properly while I am retired. Of course there is the possibility of some sort of unforeseen event that would cost me too much money for me to manage.

However I have paid off the house already and I have a brand new pick up truck that I paid cash for. Lisa has a really nice station wagon. We are really lucky that our kids went to college on scholarships and then got really good jobs. In fact my son is a chemical engineer and my daughter is an associate professor of English at a nearby Women’s College. Some of the people I know at my age still have to support their children to some extent, because of the way things are in the world today mostly. There just are not a lot of jobs out there unless you go to college and do well there. It is just not the same country that it was when I went into the work force back when I was a young man.

Getting My Finances in Better Order

Name: assholes.jpgViews: 121Size: 72.5 KBJust got finished doing a little debt review and I am thinking that with a bit of work I should be able to get things back on track. It is not like it is going to be incredibly easy, but the big thing is going to be getting a few high interest rate debts behind me. I was thinking about getting a new credit card with an introductory rate of something like zero percent. It is not like that would be a panacea, in fact it would not do me any good if I did not take advantage of it in some tangible way. Obviously the fact is that you need to pay off your debts sooner or later and the obvious idea is to do it as soon as you are able to do so. I am not really spending money the way that I had been of late however.

I got into this trouble to large extent because I was dating a girl who had to go out every night of the week. (more…)

Working on an Early Retirement Plan

Anthem Blue Cross Blue ShieldNo real good idea as to whether or not it is truly possible, but Emma and I have been sitting down today to look at the possibility of retiring early. Of course it would not be easy at all. I joined the United States Air force right after I graduated from high school and retired on half pay after twenty years of service. I was an E 7 rating, but they figure me at E6 for that purpose. Then I went to work for the state and of course they give me blue cross blue shield of florida health insurance. I could retired from the state at the age of 58, but right now I am only 49 years old and so that is a good ways off. (more…)

Starting an Online Business with the Right Help

The Internet is a wonderful platform for people who want to start a new business or advertise the business they have. With their own website, they can sell their products and services without ever leaving their home or paying for advertising. The only downside to starting a website is that you have to know what you are doing, or no one will ever see it and buy your products. There are many companies that can help people get started online, but some of them don’t follow through with their promises. The best way to find the right company for your needs is to read some reviews.

Coffee Shop Millionaire has helped a lot of people learn how to set up their own website and how to get the right traffic to view their products. The basic start up fee is $37, and they offer additional services for extra fees. They have tutorials to walk you through setting up your website, and then, they give customers choices when it comes to marketing and other services. Their services are affordable and straightforward, so you will get what you are paying for.

If you read the coffee shop millionaire reviews, you will find that many of them are negative. If you look closer, most of them were written by people hoping to get rich quick, and they didn’t realize there was work involved in setting up their own website. Starting a new business is never easy, and it takes time to start making money. The services offered by Coffee Shop Millionaire are the tools you need to start a website and some business marketing strategies. They never say people will get rich quick, and they do provide money back guarantees for unsatisfied customers.

When you are looking at starting your own online business, most of the time, you need help to build your website and getting into search engines. If you try to do everything on your own, there is no guarantee you will save money and that your website will be successful. The best way to start a business online is to get professional help and to learn how to set up your Internet business correctly. If you are worried about paying for something you don’t use, find a company with a range of packages you can tailor to your specific needs.


TRIO - Provides online stores to choose from.  You can start your online business with the help of TRIO Sam Leong company.


Choosing the Right Cutting Board

Cooking in the kitchen is viewed both as a necessity and a wonderful pastime, either or, having the right tools can make the experience much better. When thinking about kitchen tool, cutting boards may not be the first thing on the list for some people. However, having one can make preparing food much easier. Moreover, cutting boards protect your kitchen surfaces.

Different Styles

Most commonly made of a type of strong wood, cutting boards have come a long way in terms of style. At one time the light wood block would sit unnoticed, but nowadays the modern styles make this cutting tool hard to go unnoticed. One of the most reliable places to purchase one is through

Aside from being a reputable company, Amazon allows you to see several styles and types at one time, which makes for convenient shopping. Another nice aspect is the customer testimonials. This feedback can help in case you are tethering between which one to purchase. The customer reviews are usually straight forward and honest.

Choosing the Right Cutting Board

It really comes down to preference when choosing the right cutting board for your kitchen. The boards are meant to protect the surface of your countertops. Likewise, boards are meant to withstand repeated use. The fun part is choosing the color and size.

Color and Size

There are a variety of styles, colors and textures from which to choose. Take a moment to go through to see the specs for each before making your decision. Although the functionality is the same, some cutting boards double as counter art because of their bold colors and printed designed. But if you are more the traditional type, the standard bamboo cutting board may be all that you need.

Choosing the right cutting board isn’t difficult when you know up front what your intended use is and what counter area you have to use it on. As for size, many boards come in sets of three with different sizes. This is particularly useful depending on what you are cutting. Although you can cut an onion on the larger service, a smaller one may be the better option based on counter space.

Credit Card- Complete guide

Credit cards are best to use when you know all about them. Getting them is easy , using them even easier , convenience offered by the is unmatchable , but when it comes to the interest rates on  them , you need to be careful.

If you have noticed carefully, you may see someone standing in queue at a store shuffling with 8-10 credit cards. Though, consumers with so many cards are few, almost all U.S. citizens have 2 or 3 or at least on surely. Apart from being an important source of identity, Credit Cards used wisely gives you the convenience of making purchases on credit and pay almost after a month, before interest charges become due. Car Rentals almost always require a major credit card.

In theory, it sounds good, but practically many consumers carry an outstanding every month leading to payment of finance charges which may go up to almost 23%. The urge for impulse purchases of things one can ill afford is sometimes hard to resist. Statistically, the charges on general purpose credit cards in 1999 for American consumers were about $1.2 trillion.

A lot of people take credit cards just like that. They do not have the simplest of the information regarding these cards nor they are able to calculate the interest rates charged from them. Credit card companies are well aware of this fact and they tend to use this fact to their benefit. There are several credit cards and the offers which are targeted towards the youth and the college going students. These people have the slightest of the idea related to the no credit check loans financial implications of using the credit cards and the interest rates applicable on them. All they know is that they should get the card, and use it for whatever expenses they would like to make without caring about the repayments. The result is that there are a huge number of defaults by the young credit card holders. One would wonder as to how the credit card companies benefit in spite of the large defaults? Well, this is made possible by means of the high interest rates, penalties and the extra fees charged from the credit card holders. Not all the credit card holders default. There is a large number of them who pay the fines and the penalties and thus help the credit card companies recover the losses they incur on the defaults by the others.

So, the next time you are making any purchase or transaction using your credit card, remember that if you fail to make the payment on time you will see yourself paying beyond your expectations. Credit card companies will charge you very high penalties and if you cannot pay them in full, you can find that your credit card dues are never ending in spite of whatever payment you make. So, know all about the credit cards and the offers on them before you actually sign them and begin using. Go through the terms and conditions completely and the fine details before you start using any one of them.

This article will explain how credit cards work financially and technically, how to look for a suitable credit card, describe different available credit-card plans and discuss how your credit history may affect card options. We’ll also know about prevention of credit-card fraud – in the real world and online.

Physical Aspects

A credit card is usually a 3-1/8 inches by 2-1/8 inches, thin plastic card that contains identification information like a picture or signature. It authorizes the person whose name appears on it make purchases or services for which he will be charged &billed periodically. The data on the card is read by ATMs, POS readers and bank and Internet computers.

Encyclopedia Britannica traces the origin of credit cards in the United States during 1920s, when hotel chains and oil companies issued them to customers for purchases made there. Their use increased after World War II considerably.

In 1950 the first universal credit card was launched by Diners Club, Inc. They charged an annual fee and billed cardholders on a monthly or yearly basis. Another significant universal card was introduced by the American Express company in 1958.

The bank credit-cards came later. The bank pays to the merchants as soon as sales slips are received which the merchants love and then compiles charges applicable to the cardholder for the billing period. The cardholder then pays the bank in monthly installments with interest (called carrying charges) or the entire outstanding.

The brand VISA started in 1976 has origins of the first national bank plan – BankAmericard started by Bank of America in California in 1959 on a statewide basis. From 1966 onwards it was licensed in other states and finally rechristened VISA.

Major bank cards followed like MasterCard, formerly known as Master Charge. Smaller banks tied up with larger banks to offer expanded credit card services.

Credit Card Plans and loan considerations

The factors to look for while choosing a credit card are the costs & terms of the plan which is simply how much one pays for the privilege of borrowing.

The details are available in the disclosure form, usually a small brochure in fine-print.

Study minutely the credit terms and specifics like late charges and over-the-limit fees. These factors need consideration with how you pay the bills each month.

In case you pay the monthly bill in full, it is best to opt for a card with no annual fee and which provides a grace period for payment before finance charges are levied. In case you do not liquidate the balance due every month (like 70% of American Cardholders), please note the periodic rate used for calculating the finance charges. A major factor is to see whether this is a fixed or variable interest rate. A variable interest rate can have a significant effect on your burden to use the card.

Applicable Variable Interest rates used by Credit card companies depend on indexes like the prime rate, 3 or 6 month Treasury Bill rate or federal Reserve discount rate – these are available in the public domain.

Typically, the Credit card Company adds some percentage points (called a margin) on this index to arrive at the interest rate to be charged. Sometimes a formula is used to come up with the final interest rate.  Though fixed rate plans may have slightly higher percentage points than variable rate plans, at least you know for sure the applicable interest rate which is not the case with variable rates which usually increase.

The Truth in Lending Act requires a lender to provide 15 days’ notice at least before a fixed rate can be raised. Some state laws stipulate a higher notice period.

Another important aspect is to check on the interest rates applicable on taking bad credit loans or cash withdrawal on the credit cards. It’s difficult to assess the same unless you compare them against the difficult short term, loans like the payday loans which charge extremely high interest rates on them.

Financial analysts often argue that since a fixed rate can also be increased with a 15-day notice, there is not much of a difference with a variable-rate plan which may change at any time. The advice is to analyze both plans closely. Check for upper & lower limit ceilings on the variable rate. In case rates are falling but the lower cap is say 15.9%, it is advisable to switch your card.

Regardless of the plan one chooses, monthly payments will have to be made. So, one can make considerable savings by opting for cards with low interest rates and zero annual fees.


Gain confidence for better financials

The feeling that you can do what you want is often referred to as confidence. It helps you deal with the tough issues in life and you can look at you problems in a different way to get the solutions at the earliest.

If a person wants to become successful then one has to be confident. By confidence only you can achieve those things which you couldn’t normally. You can only say NO by confidence to those people who may not like it or might get angry from you. By confidence only you can say yes to person to deliver a work on time.

By the help of confidence only you can deal with adversity. By this adversity stress is created in the life of a wealthy, experience person but confidence give them power to fight with these stress. You can get new behaviors and positivity in yourself by confidence. And the most of it, confident people are loved by everyone. You can get anything you want if you are confident. For achieving your goals you have to be confident enough to execute it.

Relation of confidence and financial capability

Life is a mix of both good and the bad times. When the situation is favorable and you get what you want , you will really enjoy your life, relationships and your possessions. However, things are different when the situation is adverse. There are a lot of occasions when you will find yourself surrounded by problems. The beginning of a small problem can  be seen to set out a chain reaction and one can really find it tough to deal with the multiple problems in life.

Dealing with loan and debts

No amount of savings and investments can save you from the ill effects that these problems bring to you. If you are neck deep in debt due to many bad credit loans taken by you, you can fight back your situation with knowledge. There are a lot of people seen to struggle with their loan repayments and many who succumb to it falling into bankruptcy. However if you gain knowledge on how to deal with the situation and take corrective steps well in time, you can always bounce back and regain your lost ground. One should check on their confidence levels and take on to the following measures to see that they can tackle the problems coming their way with ease.

Here are some tips by which you can raise your confidence level:

1) Try out public speaking: You can raise your confidence level by getting engaged in public speaking. It is the best and most effective thing by which your confidence level will get increased. You must have noticed that speaking in public frighten you and you will take all measures not to face these public speaking. By attending to public speaking you can overcome your real fear. In the act of public speaking you face hundreds of people in front of you who are completely strangers and are eager to listen to you. You need lots of courage to face all of them and give a presentation to them but once you get success in it, then your confidence gets increased.

2. Write. You can even raise your confidence level by writing on topics which is related to your field. By writing you get clear with your thoughts like what you think or what you know about the subject under consideration. By writing you go deep in topics which opens your mind and then you can explain your points properly.  By writing you will be questioned by others, who is reading your articles and this way you can gain confidence by clarifying their doubts regarding what you wrote. By writing you understand better and it increases your knowledge as well as confidence.

3. Join Online Groups. Join a networking group, forums, charitable group, non-profit groups: joining any group also increase your confidence level as you interact with new people and get to know their concepts and ideas. This interrelation increases your knowledge about any particular thing or life. It forces you to learn from other cultures and diverse personalities. By joining these groups you expand your contacts and learn from other experiences of life. Your life horizon is changed by these new knowledge and experiences. Your confidence and knowledge is increased by socializing and joining a group.

4. Do some Introspection: It simply means thinking of anything on your own. It means that whenever you try to raise you confidence then think that you are a confident person and by doing things you are actually raising your confidence level. Think positively before doing anything no matter how big or small it is.

5. Go for self Affirmations: Affirmation means passing a positive statement or judgment. It is also similar to visualization and is countable when you are taking steps to increase your confidence. For example you are going to speak in front of people then be confident that you can speak and you are a professional speaker. Affirm yourself that you can do it and  you are made for it.

6. Take a plunge on a New Career-You can even take a career related self improvement which will improve your knowledge in your industry which will help you to raise your confidence in the particular things as well as the overall scenario.

7. Practice, Practice, and Practice:  Keeping knowledge of a particular thing is not all, it is important that a person should practice in their industry which makes one a better person in their field. By practice only people get to know more things and learn more things. There is a famous saying “repetition is knowledge and perfection”. The more people will practice the more they’ll know about things and gain experience and confidence in their field. By practicing only, person gain perfection in their field.

8. Failure should teach you: Generally people think that failure is something bad and it can destroy us. Failure and mistakes are two things which do not decrease the knowledge of a person; in fact it increases the knowledge of a person. If a person fails then one should not be sad in fact one should be happy as now they have learned something new and they won’t make this mistake again which again increases their  no credit check loans knowledge about such things and increases the confidence for not making this mistake again.

9. Teach: You can even raise your confidence by teaching someone. By teaching you first learn and then you teach someone from the knowledge you gain. This teaching habit will improve your skills. It increases your confidence and the knowledge in the subject.

10. Read more : Just as mentioned in point 6, it is also the same thing and it increases your confidence as when you try to improve yourself and your knowledge then you gets more confidence in your profession.

In the current times there is a host of information available through the internet. All you need to do is to log onto any of the search engines on the internet and key in the words or the topics which you need to research. The information will be available to you within a few moments and you can set on the path of confidence building immediately.


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